May 23, 2019

Whimsical Georgetown Wedding at Winyah Indigo Society Hall



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The story of how we came to be with Ayren and Justin is cray! We bought a car last November, and Rob mentioned to Ayren that we were wedding photographer and videographers, after Ayren mentioned she was engaged.  I have to say, I cringed on the inside, because I never want to come across as “salesy.” Rob, a true salesman at heart, doesn’t mind at all, LOL.  We gave her our information, and 100% expected to never hear from her again.  WELL, we were surprised when a few days later Ayren reached out and really wanted us there on her wedding day! Whoa! Thanks a lot for being brave, Rob ;).

Ayren and Justin’s wedding day was so much — them. And Ayren did a fantastic job of making sure that it was the day that THEY wanted, and their families happily obliged.  We absolute love having non-traditional weddings, because it breaks up our routine, and more importantly, we then get the honor of documenting your day in a way that is meaningful to you.  Ayren had the most fab bridesmen, who were such a huge help, and literally got whatever we needed handled all day.  She used blue and purple for her colors, and while some might say those aren’t traditional wedding colors – we say, who cares?! She got her fab wedding dress for $300, yep, you read that right, but then went all out on her shoes – rocking Christian Louboutin’s …brave girl. They even played games at their reception, and it was so fun to have everyone in their intimate wedding involved.

The thing I loved most about working with them? Besides the fact that they are freaking hilarious, and that they really didn’t give AF, they just wanted to get married – they were down for whatever in terms of photos. You could tell that it was such a big priority, and it’s always an honor to work with people like that.  They even snuck away with us and went out for about 15 minutes for the most epic sunset pictures right on a dock in the middle of Georgetown!

Ayren and Justin, we are so THRILLED for you two and thankful you chose us to capture it!


Taking a cheers with your people pre-wedding is always a good idea! 

I think these first touches are super sweet and can really add a special touch if you don’t want to do first look (for the record, we are super pro-first look – but this is a close second!) 

See Justin’s smile? He had it on his face the ENTIRE day! I’m not sure I’ve had a happier groom, it was so sweet. 

One of the best wedding parties ever! They were so sweet, HILARIOUS, and really were all about making sure their friends had the best day ever! 

Side note – Georgetown is beautiful, ya’ll! I had no idea there was so much charm!

This stunning venue had so much charm and history! I really loved all the historic vibes! 

Justin and his mama surprised each other with songs dedicated to each other. Neither of them knew what the other chose until the day of.  Of course the father/daughter dance gets me every time.  

Sunset photos with these two were a blast.  I could tell they were over some of the romantics and wanted to get some motion and have fun, so I tried to mix a little of both for them! 

The bottom pic is so different for me – but I really love this for some reason. Just call it “ART” OKAY!?

Ayren’s face says it all. She won. 

Thank you to the vendors that made this day possible!

Venue: Winyah Indigo Society Hall

DJ: Pinnacle Charleston

Catering: Inlet Affairs

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Dress: Amazon 

Grooms Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Florals: Greenskeeper Florist 


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