February 16, 2019

Spicy Downtown Charleston Engagement Session



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I have a good one for ya’ll today! Some of you may not know, but I pinch myself every time couples decide to do their engagement session in Downtown Charleston. There’s seriously nothing more classic or gorgeous.  Trust me, I love to think outside the box, and go to locations that no one else thinks of, but I have yet to complete an engagement session in Downtown Charleston and think, “man, this is the 15214812124 time I’ve done this same thing.”  Every time I’m there, I’m completely inspired, see new things I’ve never noticed before, and most importantly, each couple brings their own energy that makes each session different from the last.


I’m so excited to share Renee and Phillip’s engagement session downtown.  I rarely shoot in The Battery, because there’s a ton of people always there, and ya know, “iM dIfFeReNt,” so, yeah.  But, these two asked to go there, and I couldn’t say no, especially once I saw Renee’s outfits – eek! She did 3 changes, which I normally would advise against (just because of timing – you don’t want to miss amazing light because of changing), but these two were troopers that were knocking it out during their session, and the 3 changes were super smooth! Renee and Phillip are having a romantic, timeless Middleton Place wedding this July, and we cannot wait to be there for it.

I remember the days when I used to dream of having clients as amazing as Renee and Phillip, so this was another session I had to pinch myself afterwards. It’s real, and these two killed it! Enjoy!


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